Principal Investigator
  • Kelly B. Miller, Ph.D.
    - Embioptera Systematics
    - Cucujoidea (Coleoptera) Systematics
    - Hydradephaga (Coleoptera) systematics
    - Dytiscidae (Coleoptera) Sexual Selection & Behavior
    - Oedipodinae (Orthoptera: Acrididae) Systematics
    - Aquatic Insects of Venezuela

MSB Division of Arthropods Collection Manager

Graduate Students

Postodoctoral Lab Alumni

Graduate Student Lab Alumni
  • Bethany Abrahamson, M.S., museum studies
  • Rafael Braga, visiting Ph.D. student, Dytiscidae systematics
  • Lauren M. Cleavall, M.S., mating systems in diving beetles (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae)
  • Grey Gustafson, Ph.D., Gyrinidae systematics
  • Traci L. Grzymala, M.S., Cerambycidae systematics (Coleoptera)
  • Heidi Hopkins, Ph.D., Blattodea systematics and behavior
  • Nathan P. Lord, Ph.D., Zopheridae and Bothrideridae systematics (Coleoptera)
  • Rachael Mallis, Ph.D., spider systematics
  • Mike Medrano, Ph.D., millipede systematics (Diplopoda)
  • Karen Wright, Ph.D., bee systematics and evolution of pollination

Undergraduate Student Lab Alumni
  • Stephen Baca
  • Emma Louise Cleary
  • Larisa Crippen y Chavez, MARC student, diving beetle systematics and evolution
  • Sophia Deichmann
  • Sergio Douglas
  • Eoghan Doyle, Odonata
  • William (Billy) Edelman, IMSD student, grasshopper systematics (Orthoptera)
  • Erin Fenton
  • Zachary Fry
  • R. Antonio Gomez, MARC student, grasshopper systematics (Orthoptera)
  • Catherine Geisik
  • Alicia M. Hodson, Embioptera systematics (web spinners)
  • Emily P. Hodson
  • Jeremiah Houghton
  • Nicholas Homziak, Lepidoptera
  • April Jean, systematics of diving beetles (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae)
  • Sarah Jogi
  • Katie Klonis
  • Martha Lara, click beetles (Elateridae)
  • Matthew Leister, spider systematics
  • Shelley MacNeil, curatorial assistant, whirligig beetle molecular work
  • Elizabeth Montano
  • Vyvian Phan
  • Aaron Prairie
  • Caroline Rempe
  • Desiree Sanchez, Bidessini phylogenetics
  • Kayla Sayre
  • Emily Schmeltzer
  • Amber Schwettmann, curatorial assistant
  • Jaclyn Serru
  • Jessica Smith
  • Eli Stewart
  • Nicole D. Telles, MARC student, Dytiscidae systematics (Coleoptera)
  • Hans Weeks
  • Kimberly Wong
  • Rebecca Zalar

MSB Division of Arthropods Volunteers
Miller Laboratory of Insect Systematics Miller Laboratory of Insect Systematics

Biology Department Graduation 2013 Biology Department Graduation 2013 (l-r) Kelly Miller, Gino Nearns, Emily Schmeltzer, Stephen Baca, Nicolas Homziak

Biology Department Graduation 2010 Biology Department Graduation 2010 (l-r) Kelly Miller, Dr. Nelson, Billy Edelman

Biology Department Graduation 2009 Biology Department Graduation 2009 (l-r) Emily Hodson, Lauren Cleavell, Billy Edelman, Alicia Hodson, Kelly Miller

Nathan Lord and chameleon, Madagascar (2008) Nathan Lord and chameleon, Madagascar (2008)

Nsobe Game Camp, Zambia (2007) (l-r) Gino Nearns, Alicia Hodson, & Kelly Miller
Nsobe Game Camp, Zambia (2007)


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