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Emily P. Hodson
Undergraduate Student

Museum Technician
Department of Biology
University of New Mexico
Museum of Southwestern Biology
167 Castetter Hall, MSC03 2020
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

I am pursuing a BS in Biology with a concentration in Conservation Biology and a minor in Anthropology. I am still working on a focus, however, I do know that I love studying all forms of life, and so far Arthropods have been my favorite. I have collaborated with others researching the Coleoptera diversity since the eruption at Mt. St. Helens. I have travelled throughout New Mexico, Mexico, the Chiricahua Mts., and the Pacific Northwest in pursuit of Arthropods and look forward to many more trips. This is my 3rd year with the Arthropod Division and I am excited to partake in more collecting, curation, and anything else that may be in store. After graduation, I plan on further focusing my research goals within conservation biology by applying to various organizations and government agencies, thereafter I will attend graduate school.

"We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right" Nelson Mandela

Emily Hodson
Emily Hodson, Taos, NM.

Emily Hodson
Emily Hodson, Ramah Lake, NM.


Kelly B. Miller Lab, Department of Biology, University of New Mexico, 167 Castetter Hall, MSC03 2020, Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001 USA
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